Relax and heal yourself with reiki! Reiki is healing energy that is channeled through the practitioner into the client. This service is performed fully clothed on a massage table or chair; the practitioner will gently place hands on or above the client’s body.

  • 30 minutes $40
  • 60 minutes $75

Shamanic Energy Healing

Shamanic energy healing is a deeply healing technique that corrects the root cause of dis-ease in the mind or body. This works on the level of spirit, addressing issues (stagnant energy, blocks, intrusions, etc.) in the luminous energy field. Each session is unique and may include chakra cleansing and balancing, ancestral clearing, past-life healing, power animal retrieval, soul retrieval or extraction.

  • $125/session, can last up to 2 hours

Intuitive Energy Healing

This is Elise’s unique technique which combines aspects of the healing modalities she has trained in and her intuitive guidance. Each session is unique and may include anything listed in the services above.

  • 60 minutes $95


Get physical practicing yoga! Each session is unique, based on the needs of the client and can be tailored anywhere from a gentle, restorative session that improves mobility to a sweat-burning power yoga session. No matter the style, your breath will be your compass as you balance, lengthen and strengthen muscles, leaving you feeling that wonderful post-savasana bliss.

  • Private Sessions $50/hour
    • add 15 minute reiki & meditation +$15


Get your friends together for a relaxing night in of group reiki, guided meditation, shamanic journeying & more! Call for options and pricing.

*Services are available at Beautistry the Salon at N48W14170 Hampton Rd, Menomonee Falls, WI*