Welcome – I am so glad you’re here! I’m Elise, an almost always barefoot, crystal loving, spiritual enthusiast. I live in Richfield, WI with my husband, Keith, our son, Wilder, and our furbabies, Jasper, Sage & Skipper. I love yoga, hiking, camping, meditating & doing anything outside. Being out in nature, enveloped in trees and swallowed by fresh air is what truly fuels my soul.


My personal wellness journey started out slowly. I became a vegetarian at the age of 12 but didn’t fully understand nutrition or how to eat properly. I was always tired, had low energy and overall decreased ease of life. As I got older, my love for eating *healthily* grew and I finally felt what it was like to feel RIGHT! Over the years, I have learned to nourish not only my body, but my mind, and my soul.

I began practicing yoga as a way to de-stress, though I soon began to feel the many other benefits a regular yoga practice can bring. It wasn’t long before I fell completely in love and completed yoga teacher training in Baptiste-style power yoga. Soon after quitting my conventional job to pursue a career in wellness, I immersed myself in spiritual healing and discovered reiki. Incorporating this energetic healing into my daily life sent me to a whole new level of wellbeing. I have also trained in the Inca tradition of shamanism and am a mesa carrier. I love to blend the techniques I have learned with my own intuitive guidance to facilitate healing on a deeply spiritual level. It is my goal to bring to others the peace and joy in life that is created by finding mind-body-spirit balance.



I believe that taking intentional time for spiritual wellness should be a non-negotiable for all of us. Self-care is an integral part of cultivating wellness and I would love to be part of your journey!